“Tucker Carlson Has Blood On His Hands”

Some people–quite a few, actually–are saying that Tucker Carlson has blood on his hands because his words have led directly to COVID-19 deaths. Well, I am here to vigorously defend the Fox News personality against that accusation.  How on earth could anyone prove that Mr. Carlson’s words, however inflammatory and false they might be, could have led directly to deaths from COVID-19?  That’s tantamount to calling Mr. Carlson a murderer!

In defending Mr. Carlson against accusation of manslaughter/murder, let me first stipulate five facts that I believe we can all agree on: 

1) Mr. Carlson is a vainglorious twit;  

2) He is a self-centered manipulator with a near-total disregard for the truth;

3) He knowingly broadcasts misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19;

4) He regularly provides a platform for charlatans peddling false and sometimes dangerous ‘cures’ for the disease; and

5)  He is a spoiled rich kid who has never worked at a real job for a single day but who is, no doubt, “laughing all the way to the bank” with the money he rakes in.

Nonetheless, none of this makes him a murderer.  To prove that assertion, you would have to find someone who died from COVID and convincingly link his or  her behavior to Mr. Carlson’s statements.  

I have been examining death reports and looking for links to Mr. Carlson, seeking to determine whether his fans are dying of COVID at a greater rate than among the general population. Are his fans less likely to be vaccinated, and can that be attributed to Mr. Carlson?

Take, for example, Leonard Vole of Laughton, Tennessee, who almost literally worshipped the ground Mr. Carlson walks on.  He watched the show religiously, taping every segment so he could watch them again during the day.  He steadfastly refused to get vaccinated, citing ‘evidence’ provided by Mr. Carlson and some of his guests.  And he also bought every book mentioned by Mr. Carlson, especially those written by the TV personality.  

Mr. Vole died of COVID-19 last month, but is that enough to bring charges against Mr. Carlson…and convict him?

Not even close.  Mr. Vole’s wife will testify that, while her husband bought the books, he could not read them because he was illiterate.  And Mr. Vole’s friends at Charlie’s Bar in downtown Laughton will swear that Lennie told them that he relied on other sources, including Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and former President Trump as support for his decision not to get vaccinated.

It should be obvious by now that Mr. Carlson need not fear indictment for murder or even manslaughter simply for spreading lies, distortions, and misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic,, and so he is free to keep lying, night after night, to the American public, because that’s just talk….

Now as for Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, that’s a different kettle of fish….

3 thoughts on ““Tucker Carlson Has Blood On His Hands”

  1. Watch out Abi John! People are going to take you seriously, probably the same people who are consuming the livestock deworming med Ivemectin for Covid prevention… Let them shit copiously..🤭

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  2. Inside joke: Leonard Vole is the murderer in Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution.” The film starred Charles Laughton, thus “Laughton, Tennessee” and “Charlie’s Bar.” Tyrone Power played Vole, with Marlene Dietrich as his loving and scheming wife.


  3. Ah yes, interesting. There will always be people like the Tuck. Which rhymes with ….Luck? Anyway maye if we taught our kids to think beyond the confirmation bias, they would grow up to be, heaven forbid, intelligent adults. The one epidemic that no one talks about is the Confirmation Bias. Of course I do and much more like what grade will the students returning from the virus vacation be assigned to?

    Will they be promoted without learning? or retained into oblivion? Either way we get a new generation of Trump voters who believe crap the village idiot wouldn’t. Unless they read my new book that just went to the publisher. Replacing a Broken System of Education – -Pandemic Solutions to a 200 Year Old Crisis.

    Ok, enough of me trolling.


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