“Rebirth” on Netflix

I have just returned from Tokyo, where I had the honor of being the American judge for The Japan Prize. While I was away, “Rebirth: New Orleans” began live-streaming on Netflix, and I hope it’s in your queue–or that you have already watched the 1-hour film. It’s based on 6 ½ years of filming, and so the DVD, now available on the Learning Matters website, includes a lot more footage that you wonks will want to watch.

The folks in the Learning Matters office have decided to webcast a live-streamed conversation between John Tulenko and me on Monday, October 28th at 4PM Eastern. John will be asking the questions, yours and his own, and so I hope you will join us or submit your questions directly.

We would love to have your participation:
a) Tune in on Monday, October 28 at 4pm.
b) Spread the word with your network.
c) Submit any questions you or others may have about the film!

The Livestream event page

Watch REBIRTH: New Orleans on Netflix

There’s a lot more news, of course: international data, more controversy about the Common Core Standards and the like. I will weigh on next week, in case anyone is interested.

4 thoughts on ““Rebirth” on Netflix

  1. Nice product placement for Netflix.

    Mr. Netflix is an ed reform investor, is he not?

    “In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans officials transformed the city’s education system by increasing the number of charter schools as they rebuilt. This inspiring documentary traces the creative new model’s evolution through four schools.”

    I think I’ll skip it, thanks. Transformed, inspiring, creative. And charters, charters, charters. Oh, and a commercial plug.

    Got it.

    Are there any public schools left in New Orleans, or did the nation-building effort make short work of those?


  2. “Public” in the sense that they siphon public funds, most of which come from middle class Americans like TEACHERS… providing private profit for billionaire, loophole-privileged corporations.


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