Biking for Ukraine


You may already be donating to help the citizens of war-torn Ukraine, but here’s another opportunity: my annual “Bike My Age” ride. Because I am hoping to extend my streak of “Biking My Age” to 12 years in a row, I’m asking you to contribute $81 or $810 (or add more zeroes if you are so inclined!) to the World Central Kitchen, the remarkable organization founded by Chef José Andrés. Just click this link to donate. 

Perhaps you will also be good enough to make your commitment public by responding at the bottom of this page.  That might encourage others to support this most worthy of causes

Today is my actual 81st birthday, but I’m not attempting an 81-mile ride today for three reasons: 1) It’s too hot to bike. 2) I am slowly recovering from spending 10 hours traveling on Saturday (plane and cars) and another 7 hours in a car yesterday.  And 3), I have a tear in the labrum tissue in my right hip joint, along with some bone spurs.

All of which adds up to the very real possibility that I may not make it.

But please don’t make your contribution dependent on my ride. Donate now…..



6 thoughts on “Biking for Ukraine

  1. Keep up the Biking! I’ll ride the same and donate to the World Central Kitchen as well!


  2. Happy Birthday, John! Ride or not, we are recommending a contribution of $810 to World Central Kitchen in your honor. Get better soon!


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