80 Years, 83 Miles!

The good news: Yesterday I managed to bike 83 miles, the day before I turned 80.

The less good news: This morning I am an aching 80-year-old.

So my trivial pursuit is over, and we can now focus all our energy on saving our democratic republic from the wanna-be fascists who don’t want certain types of citizens to vote and who don’t want unimaginably rich Americans to pay their fair share in taxes.

Last week I asked everyone to consider donating to The Island Housing Trust here on Martha’s Vineyard, the Network for Public Education, the Education Writers Association, the Hechinger Report, and Chalkbeat.  Many of you have done that, for which I thank you.  All of these invaluable organizations are making a huge difference and need public support to keep on doing their important work. 

Shout outs to my good friend and neighbor Joe Frelinghuysen, who biked 27 miles with me, and to my wife, Joan, who joined me for 11 miles AND brought a delicious lunch.

(Incidentally, June 14th is also the birthday of the US Army (founded on this day in 1775), my former NPR colleague Jay Kernis, my former PBS colleague Glenn Marcus, and Che Guevara…..but no one else worth mentioning as far as I know.)


5 thoughts on “80 Years, 83 Miles!

  1. Hi John,
    Congratulations on your 83 mile bike journey and your 80th birthday. I continue to enjoy and be enlightened by you characteristically thoughtful and always comprehensive essays about contemporary education issues. Keep’ em coming. Happy cycling and healthy wishes, now and always.

    Your long-term and loyal cheerleader,

    Carol Sterling
    Arts Education Advocate
    Educational Puppeteer
    Fulbright Specialist in Arts Education

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