I recently hired a high tech data-crunching firm to analyze my 5,000 person mailing list. Their task was to divide my list into three groups based on their disposable income: “Significant,” “Reasonable,” and “Negligible.”

Lucky you!  You are in the “Significant” category!  Happily for all concerned, this news comes during ‘The Giving Season,’ meaning that you can help others while helping yourself (because charitable donations are tax-deductible).

To cut to the chase: Below are links to some worthy organizations.  (Not surprisingly, many have a connection to education.)

  1.  If you want to help education reporters do a better job:




COALITION OF PUBLIC INDEPENDENT CHARTER SCHOOLS (CPICS)   This fledgling organization representing thousands of so-called ‘Mom and Pop’ charter schools is determined to rescue the charter movement from its predators and its diminished reputation. (Full disclosure: I have been involved in its formation.)



2.  If you care about teachers and children’s learning environments:

THE NETWORK FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION   Years ago the pushback against so-called ‘School Reform’ was little more than Diane Ravitch with a megaphone. No longer!  Diane and Anthony Cody created NPE, now led by powerhouse Carol Burris.  Remarkable story….


AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization)

3.  Your local public library, your NPR station, and your PBS station are all worthy of consideration…..

A final note: Many of these organizations are in a matching-gift mode right now, so your generosity will be matched….

Thanks, and Happy New Year to all


3 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. Really? I’m in the “significant” category? Wow, and I have disposable income? Even better news. Interesting analysis via tech crunching. We have made our numerous, tax-deductible, charitable contributions for 2019. Good last minute suggestions on your list.,


    Gary Gruber, Ph.D. 3101 Old Pecos Trail #505 Santa Fe, NM 87505

    505-795-4329 grg@



  2. Thanks for the significant designation! You might want to add to your list of worthy education organizations the Alliance for Self-Directed Education. (ASDE) started by Peter Gray, Boston College.


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