My Breakfast with Ambassador Sondland

That didn’t happen. I wanted to get you to open the link.  Now I hope you will click on this link:

It’s just 24 minutes long, but its message about the unchecked power of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and ‘The Silicon Six’ is critical. Moreover, he tells us what can be done……

By  the way, since this speech, Mark Zuckerberg has had a private meal with Donald Trump!



5 thoughts on “My Breakfast with Ambassador Sondland

    • I hope people will pay attention to his very thoughtful speech. Facebook et alia must be treated as publishers responsible for their content, just as the NYT, WAPO, et cetera are.
      BTW, I had no idea he was such a thoughtful man and a remarkable actor as well. I knew him only for his Borat adventures until we watched the film, “The Spy.” This speech opened my eyes even wider.


  1. John, thanks for posting this. After viewing, I posted it on social media. As an educator, I think breaking down the corrosive effects of social media on democracy into manageable and teachable chunks and teaching them to children is one way that K-12 teachers can have an impact. Some have attributed teaching children about how big tobacco manipulated (and continues to manipulate) the public for profit as one of the more successful efforts to limit the popularity of smoking. Similar efforts – wearing seatbelts while riding in cars, identifying a designated driver when a group goes out drinking – have shaped our behavior. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


  2. Thanks for sharing John. I agree that they should be held accountable for content validity. As Sacha says “These are the richest companies in the world, and they have the best engineers in the world. They could fix these problems if they wanted to. ” In fact, whoever does may just win over the world.


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