Teachers: The OTHER 1%


One of every 100 Americans is a public school teacher, 1% of the population. Of course, teachers are not “The One Percent” that possesses most of our wealth, et cetera.  But teachers ARE the 1% that deserves our support.

I hope you will join me in showing your support by affixing one of these bumper stickers to your vehicle, your office door, or wherever people can see it.

These stickers are 2 3/4″ x 10″.  I had a bunch printed up and am selling them at cost, $4 for one or $10 for three, mailing and handling costs included.

If you want one or more, send a check to Merrow Productions, 201 East 79th Street, Apartment 5D, NY NY 10075.

I will be driving to Brooklyn tomorrow with one sticker on the front bumper, the other on the rear bumper.  This will be their vehicular debut, although it might not make the evening news!


5 thoughts on “Teachers: The OTHER 1%

  1. John,
    Nice idea to honor teachers. However, my issue is that there may be an oblique suggestion that teachers are the bottom 1% and while there are precious few in the top 1%, economically speaking, many have lives that are richer in other ways – meaning filled with purpose, passion and rewards that go beyond finances. Not many teachers I know chose teaching because they wanted to be in the top economic bracket.
    It would be great if we paid teachers more, and paid more attention to them, and to the profession as a whole, honoring it as a noble endeavor. I hope your bumper sticker campaign will help move things in that direction and althoughI have my doubts, I wish you well.


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